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What Should You Be Able To Count On Your Grease Collection Service For?

by Vernon Silva

Certain types of businesses, such as restaurants and other establishments that prepare food, typically have to work with grease collection services. You may know that you need to make arrangements to work with one of these companies as well, such as if you are a new restaurant owner. You should be able to count on your grease collection service for certain things, such as the things listed below. If you have found a grease collection service that checks off all of these boxes, then you should be able to feel good in knowing that you have hired the right service.

Helping You Determine When Grease Needs to Be Collected

Right now, you might know that the grease in your restaurant needs to be collected from time to time, but you might not know how often you need to use the services that are offered by one of these companies. This depends on how much grease is used in your restaurant, how big your grease storage container or grease trap is, and more. If you are looking for advice about this, you should be able to count on someone from your grease collection service to provide recommendations. They can even help set you up on a schedule so that someone will be sent automatically to pick up the grease that has collected within your business.

Thoroughly Removing Grease

Someone from the grease collection service should clean out your grease storage container or grease trap. They should do an effective job of removing all of the grease. This helps with preventing odors and pests, and it helps you avoid having to have someone back out right away to retrieve more grease.

Storing and Transporting Grease Properly

Grease has to be stored and transported properly. This prevents spills, environmental issues, and more. As long as you hire the right grease collection service, you should be able to count on them to store and transport the grease from your restaurant in the proper manner, since they should always have the right equipment and training to do so. For example, many grease collection services have special trucks that they can use for storing and transporting grease in the right way.

Disposing of Grease the Right Way

Of course, although you might be glad that you are not the one who has to worry about disposing of the grease from your restaurant, you probably want to make sure that it is, in fact, disposed of like it should be. Luckily, this should never be a concern if you work with a responsible grease collection service. In fact, if you're curious about how your grease will be disposed of, they should be able to give you answers.