Learning All About Recycling Services and Processing Techniques

Worried About The Environment? 2 Ways You Can Recycle

by Vernon Silva

If you are worried about the environment there are many things you can do. One of the main things is recycling. If you are not recycling now you likely throw away a lot of trash that goes straight to a landfill. If you drive by one of these landfills you may be shocked at how large it is. To help prevent your items from adding to this, below are two ways you can recycle.

Use Curbside Recycling

One easy way is curbside recycling. With this, you are given special trash cans that have wheels. This allows you to easily roll the trash can to the curb in front of your home. A waste collection company then collects the trash cans and carries it to a recycling plant. The items are then processed to be reused.

How curbside recycling works depends on the area you live in. In some cases, a private firm will handle the curbside recycling, or it may be handled by the municipality where you live. 

Contact the local waste company to ask about this. They should know how curbside collection works and how you can get started. 

Set up a Recycling Center at Home

If you have enough room at your home, you can set up your own recycling center. You can then take the items that you collect to a recycling plant in your area. You can start inside as this is where trash is thrown away first. Set up three garbage bins, one labeled plastic. This may be a big one for you if you drink bottled water or soda. If it is soda, rinse the bottle out before you throw it into the bin. Remove the tops to the bottles also. Other plastics include food containers, PET plastics, mouthwash bottles, and more.

Mark another bin as paper and cardboard. This includes newspapers, junk mail, magazines, cardboard boxes, computer paper, pizza boxes, and much more. You likely can sit down and consider all the things you use that are paper and cardboard. You do need to remove any type of rubber bands or plastic wrap from the paper product. Staples are okay to have. Also, remove any stickers and do not use store receipts as a paper product. If you have cardboard make sure you keep it dry. Most recycling companies will not take wet cardboard. 

Other things that can be recycled include glass, electronics, copper, steel, and aluminum. 

There are many more things you can do for the environment, such as save water and use less electricity.

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