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Have Old Electronics You Need To Get Rid Of? Try A Scrap Yard

by Vernon Silva

Some people are able to donate their old computers and electronics to schools and libraries; however, because technology is continually advancing, some places may not accept really old electronics. Since you don't want to dump these items in the trash and contribute to e-waste; you could recycle these items at a scrap yard.

Why is electronic waste so bad?

If electronics are disposed of improperly, materials such as cadmium, lead, chromium, etc. can leach into the the soil and groundwater. If materials are broken down or burned, they can create dioxins, which are gaseous pollutants that are known to cause cancer, damage the immune system, and mess with hormone production.

Instead of throwing away this waste, look for donation centers in your area. Some stores that carry electronics may have bins where you can recycle old devices. A scrap yard is a great place to recycle old electronics.

What electronics do scrap yards accept?

You'll have to contact your local scrap yards for more detailed information; some will take electronics as they are, while others will require you to break the components down. In fact, you may be compensated if you are able to break the electronics down into ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Non-ferrous metals, like copper and aluminum alloys, are metals which are more resistant to corrosion, since they contain little to no iron. You can get more money for scraps if you not only break down your electronics, but if you provide non-ferrous metals.

What computer components will you be paid for?

Old computers have lots of components, but scrap yards will usually only pay for desktop towers. You may not always be compensated for printers, keyboards, and mice; still, it's best to donate these items to the scrap yard anyway, or to an electronic store for recycling. Components like keyboards have lots of plastics that can be reused.

Do you need to do any prep before donating to a scrap yard?

You may need to remove any components with sensitive information. For instance, you'll want to destroy your computer's hard drive. Make sure you back up any data before proceeding. Some people use software to wipe the hard drive, but others actually remove the magnetic platter inside and destroy it with tools, like hammers or drills.

Aside from gathering items that you need to donate to the scrap yard, you may want to make a list of scrap parts that you want to purchase. Just like people looking for aftermarket car parts, you may be able to find third-party parts to fix an electronic device you thought you'd have to get rid of.

For more information on recycling e-waste, contact a scrap yard like Gutterman Iron & Metal Corp today.